Sermon Series: Sabbath Rest and Renewal

July 4 - 25

Sabbath Rest and Renewal: Lord lead us beside still water
There is a rhythm that life is supposed to take for us to flourish. Many of us have been tilted either a little or a lot off course. How would it feel to be in rhythm with God, one another, within yourself, and with God’s creation? What if that rhythm started with slowing down and resting? This series will focus on biblical principles and stories that encourage us to rest and renew.  


Sabbath Rest and Renewal

July 4 - 25

July 25

God Reaffirms My Story

Pastor Sherry Mortenson

July 18

God Restores my Soul in Relationships

Guest Preacher Dr. Will Healy

July 11

God Restores my Soul in Creation and the 10,000 Lakes

Guest Cindy Gregorson from the MN Annual Conference

July 4

Lord Lead Us Beside Still Water

Assoc. Minister Jason Steffenhagen