The Well Staff

The Well Staff and Leadership Teams are here to support our members, reach beyond our doors to help the community, connect people to Jesus and encourage a path of faith, trust, equality and more.  

The Well Office Hours

Offices are located at The Well in Rosemount, MN
Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
ph: 651-423-2475

The Well Staff Directory

Leadership Teams

Operations Teams

Members of the Operations Team are the elected leaders for The Well.

  • Dennis Lund – Chair
  • Derek Hughes
  • Tom Montgomery
  • Debra Morales
  • Dave Osborn
  • Al Quist
  • Jen Sell
  • John Shirley
  • Terry Voigt
  • Kelly Westphal
  • Pastor Sherry Mortenson
  • Admin/Facilities Staff Support

Questions? Please reach out to Dennis Lund,

Servant Steering Team

Members of the Servant Steering Team are the elected leaders for The Well.

  • Kevin Hubbard – Chair
  • Alison Bents
  • Aaron Penn
  • Kris Anderson
  • Jerry Sood
  • Emefa Amenuvor
  • David Christian
  • Paul Lindemann
  • Pastor Sherry Mortenson

Questions? Please reach out to Kevin Hubbard,

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