Respectful Conversations


Respectful Conversations Registration

Date and Time: Saturday, March 16 from Noon to 2:30

Location: The Well

Join us at The Well for a special gathering focused on exploring what it means for our congregation to be a reconciling community. We believe that every voice is important, and every perspective adds value to our shared journey. This event aims to provide a safe and inclusive space where we can engage in open-hearted conversations, listening attentively to each other’s insights and experiences.

What to Expect:

-Communal Lunch: Share a meal with fellow community members.

-Open-hearted Conversations: Engage in discussions on the topic of reconciliation.

-Mutual Respect: Embrace different viewpoints with respect and support.

-Unity and Compassion: Foster an atmosphere of understanding and compassion.

-Childcare: Childcare services will be provided during the event to ensure that all members of our community can participate without worry.

Register: To help us plan for food and childcare, please fill out the registration form below.

Note: This event is open to everyone, and we welcome individuals of all backgrounds and perspectives to join us in this meaningful dialogue. Together, let’s work towards building a more inclusive and reconciled community at The Well.