Welcome Josh!

WELCOME To Josh Smith as the well’s new worship leader!

The Well is excited to welcome Josh and his family to the staff and Well community!

A note from Josh: Happy August! Originally from Western New York (Albion), I came to Minnesota in 2007 to attend Bethel University. While at Bethel I studied Biblical and Theological Studies and Music. I graduated from Bethel in 2011 and took my first worship leader role that April. I held that position and a number of other part-time positions over the next 5 years. In 2015, I married my wife Carrie and decided at that time to pursue my other passion, teaching. I completed my Master’s degree in Special Education in 2018 and have been working in District 196 since then. I currently work at Dakota Ridge School as one of the high school teachers. My wife and I welcomed our first boy, Amos, into our lives in April 2019 and this past January we welcomed another boy, Percy.

As we discussed the opportunity to serve at The Well, we were struck by the vision and leadership of Pastor Sherry and Assoc. Minister Jason. What God is building through their leadership is something that we are incredibly excited to be a part of. We greatly value doing everything we can to make those around us know their value and worth. Through conversations with leaders at The Well, we believe this community will not only support and encourage that value but help to instill it in our boys. We are eager to serve this church and develop relationships with its community members.