Prayers for Buffalo NY & Uvadle TX

Dear Well Family and Friends,

As your pastor, a parent, and a grandparent; I am heartbroken and weary as our country once again experiences the devastating and unthinkable news of another mass shooting of 19 innocent elementary children and two teachers in a single classroom in Uvalde, Texas yesterday. 

We are still mourning the senseless shooting of 10 innocent people killed in Buffalo, New York on May 14. Now 10 days later, we are once again enduring the unbearable shock and despair of another senseless acts of hatred, violence, and evilness against innocent children, families, and communities.

Our hearts and prayers go out to these broken and shattered families, communities in despair and shock, and our world that grieves alongside of them. I find myself repeating the prayers and mourning oh the Old Testament prophets  “how long Oh Lord…how long will your people suffer….how long Oh Lord will evil and hatred destroy life….how long Oh Lord……In the midst of these laments our hope is in the Lord. 

Our hope and peace is in our Lord Jesus Christ, the One who has overcome sin and death through love and suffering so that we may have life and have it abundantly in these moments of despair. 

We are called to be people of faith who bring healing, reconciliation, justice and hope to a broken world. May we be the heart and hands and feet and prayers of Christ to others in pain during this time! 

I do not have the words to adequately express my sadness and heartbreak to the families and communities whose lives have been forever changed in an instance by these shootings and deaths! I resonate with the words of our Interim Bishop, David Bard “It takes some faith and courage to continue to believe in the power of love” in the midst of these tragedies! 

May our Bishop’s words bring comfort and be our prayer to those who mourn and seek peace and hope during these times of anger, despair, and grief.

“We mourn with those who mourn, trusting that the comforting love of God will arrive. May we also seek the blessing of those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and of the peacemakers. It takes some faith and courage to continue to believe in the power of love. Be that person of faith and courage and hope and creativity and love, in the name of Jesus.”

This Sunday, May 29 we had already planned healing prayers for our church family, friends, and our world. I would like us to also take a special Benevolent offering during our healing prayers for the Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas. 

May you experience the presence and power of the God of hope and healing during these days of heartbreak and despair.

God bless you,

Pastor Sherry