Deconstructing the Bible: Parables

Deconstructing the Bible: Parables

Join The Well for season 2 of the podcast to explore a new parable of Jesus each week, starting the week of September 27th. Scroll down to view the schedule below. Feel free to jump in for the whole series or any week that fits your schedule. Study guides (download below) will be included and can be used as a personal reflection or a small group conversation starter.

In addition to the weekly study guides, The Well is offering a small group opportunity to explore each parable with Assoc. Minister Jason. On Thursdays at 1:00 pm join a zoom meeting to dive deeper into the parable and how it is impacting our relationship with God and our work in the world.

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Week of Sept 26 | Mustard Seed and Leaven in Bread,  Matthew 13:31-34

Week of Oct 3 | The Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke 16:19-31

Week of Oct 10 | The Good Samaritan, Luke 10:29-37

Week of Oct 17 | Unforgiving Servant, Matthew 18:23-35

Week of Oct 24 | Laborers in the Vineyard, Matthew 20:1-16

Week of Oct 31 | New Wineskins, Matthew 9:16-17

Week of Nov 7 | The Divided Kingdom, Mark 3:23-27

Week of Nov 14 | The Rich Fool, Luke 12:13-21

Week of Nov 21 | The Persistent Widow, Luke 18:1-8


Week of Nov 28 | Advent

Week of Dec 5 | Advent

Week of Dec 12 | Advent

Week of Dec 19 | Advent