Each month The Well sponsors a “One Thing” giving project.
This is an area of focus that will be supported through prayer, time and resources
to help people in need in our community.
JUNE 2020

The Well is excited to bring back the Random Acts of Kindness Challenge in June! View the themes for each week below. 

Use the hashtag: #KindnessAtTheWell on social media to post photos of the RAK or send them to Tammy Brollier, tbrollier@thewellmn.church. Encourage your friends and family to participate, help brighten someone’s day and make them smile by being kind and doing good deeds!

Below is the list of weekly challenges:

All month long paint kindness rocks and place them at the front door of The Well to spruce up the entrance!

Week one: June 1-7

Random Acts of Kindness in your neighborhood/community.
“Let us” be the church for our surrounding communities this week and
help those in need. 


Week two: June 8-14

Random Acts of of Kindness by Kids and Youth!
Ask your kids or kids in your life what they can do to show RAK and let them choose their acts.


Week three: June 15-21

Random Acts of Kindness by Families.

Discuss as a family, how can your family show kindness towards others.  


Week four: June 22-30

Connect with The Well church community

Reach out to someone you don’t know at The Well, do a drive-by hello, a special delivery, etc.! 


Grab a Kindness board for ideas – download here – or email Tammy Brollier, tbrollier@thewellmn.church to get a copy. When you get a row/column/diagonal of boxes crossed off send in a picture to Tammy Brollier for a fun surprise! Set a goal to cross off the entire card!

Challenge those you bless with a “Tag You’re It” Kindness card. Leave the card if you can, so the kindness trend keeps moving circulating! Download the card here or contact Tammy B for the file.



“In all things I have shown you that by working hard
in this way we must help the weak and remember
the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said,
‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'” ~ Acts 20:35
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