Stories from the Heart Stewardship Drive

2021-2022 Stories from the Heart Stewardship Campaign
Continued Excellence, Future Hope

Stories from the Heart Stewardship campaign has been going well and your personal stories are such a blessing to read! Please scroll down to click through the stories that have been shared and are now hanging on the wall in the Sanctuary.

Filling up the big heart is our “keep the lights on” heart and will require commitments of nearly $1.1M to fully fund our mission and ministries at The Well for 2022. Through the end of November, our pledges for tithes, offerings, apportionments and rebuilding our reserves have totaled over $600,000 for 2022. While it is expected to receive some additional pledge cards and unpledged contributions in December, The Well anticipates additional action will be needed to accomplish our shared goals.

The Stewardship committee is prayerfully considering additional steps to fully fund our mission and ministries in 2022 and will be making some decisions very soon. On December 5th, there will be an update on the collective progress, steps moving forward and envelopes to contribute a one-time “extra blessing” during the month of December. Online giving is also available through a “Special Giving” section through The Well’s online giving website: Please add in the notes area, “Extra Blessing Stewardship.” 

We ask all members and friends of The Well, a UMC to pray for God’s direction and guidance as we look to continue God’s work in our local church and surrounding community in 2022 and beyond. 

2021-2022 Stories from the Heart Stewardship Campaign
Continued Excellence, Future Hope
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  1. Introduction
  2. Kids, Youth and Family Ministries
  3. Community Outreach

Below are some of the key areas of focus to continue building and expanding our mission at The Well in 2022:

  • Grow children, youth and family ministries – mission trip financial support, camp scholarships, the end of the school year carnival, spiritual formation curriculum,  Confirmation retreats, youth meals, all church winter family retreat, suicide prevention event, and continual parent support ministries. Goal: $30,000. 
  • Community Connections – outreach to the community, including events during the city-wide Leprechaun Days, hosting the Rosemount Community Band, Christmas and Carols, Kids events such as Trunk or Treat and more. All of these foster great connections with the surrounding community. Goal: $10,000
  • Expanding support and care small groups. Provide a place for people to come together through groups such as Cancer Support, Aging Support, Elderly Care Support, Parent Support Celebrate Recovery (Support for Hurts, Hangups, and Habits/Addictions). Goal: $12,000

You can help create new stories at The Well! Look for your packet in the mail and commit to the continued excellence and be the future hope at The Well! Don’t forget to fill out the “I give because…” cards and send them back with your commitment card by November 7th. With the “I give because…” cards The Well will be posting them on a wall for everyone to read and connect.