Updated COVID Guidelines as of November 1, 2021:

It’s important to keep you all informed on the ever-changing situation at The Well as they respond to the most recent challenges presented in the area with the Delta variant of Covid-19. Because of the higher level of contagiousness, even for those vaccinated, The Well’s current guidelines are to be masked, regardless of vaccination status, whenever inside the building and to avoid eating inside as that is when masks must come off and the virus can spread. The Taskforce Team knows these measures reduce risk of passing the virus on, but don’t eliminate it. The whole Well community has been so good at following those guidelines, there have been no known situations where Covid-19 has been contracted or spread at The Well. You have cared for your neighbors, keeping each other safe in love. 

So how does it look for November? The Well restarted masking for all when the positivity rate of Covid-19 surpassed 5% of tests in Dakota County. In the past few weeks the rate has been trending in the right direction from 7% to 6.7% and as of October 28th is holding at 6.7%. The threshold we are looking for is a positivity rate of 5% or below for two weeks in a row. Helping to protect all of us, the vaccination rates in Dakota County for people over 16 yrs is 79% and there is more good news on the horizon. Vaccines for elementary-age children are nearing approval by the FDA and boosters for adults are available for those in higher-risk categories.

The Covid-19 Taskforce wants to thank you for the adjustments you have made in the church life, while still showing up to feed your faith and welcome others. For holding fellowship outside, postponing events like the garage sale and being creative with virtual and online options for small group meetings and the holiday bazaar. The community has learned that being together and praising God can be done in many different ways. Fellowship can even be held without eating and drinking! The Well prays for a time when we can see each other’s smiles at church and believes those days are coming soon.

Thank you for stepping up and helping The Well keep our families and visitors safe!

Updated COVID Guidelines as of October 1, 2021:

School has started and there is a crisp in the air. Fall is here and days are shorter. The Delta variant of the coronavirus seems to be hanging around, a truly unwanted guest.

The COVID-19 Task Force team continues to monitor the COVID-19 positivity rate in Dakota County which informs precautions at The Well. As of September 23rd, Dakota County remained at 6.7 percent positive tests. The Well’s threshold for relaxing any precautions is to be below 5 percent for at least two weeks in a row.

Until that time The Well will continue to require masking while in the building, use of hand sanitizer and provide extra cleaning to high touch areas. Small groups can meet together at the church – all must be masked, and all meetings (within the building) are required to be scheduled on The Well calendar to ensure a reasonable number of people at any one time. It is encouraged to host activities and fellowship outdoors instead of eating together inside, since masks would be taken off.

The task force is available to advise on any church activity; they have been working with both the
Children, Youth and Family planning as well as God’s Discovery Kids (GDK) Preschool. We are thankful to God for the protection vaccination provides, but are aware of the data and studies and recognize that masks and maintaining some distance is necessary, regardless of vaccination status.