Church Conference – August 28, 2016

Rosemount UMC is going multi-site in February 2017 with the launch of a second campus in Apple Valley. This has led lay and staff leadership to hold discussions on changing the name of the church.

Input from the Laity said that a new name should:
1) Be easy to remember
2) Express �You are welcome here�
3) Be based on Scripture
4) Use the word �church� or �congregation�

5) Be sufficiently different from other churches in the area

Laity also submitted a wide assortment of potential names. One name has arisen to the top of the list,

“the well”

A United Methodist Church

This new name possibility was shared with the congregation on Sunday August 14th.

A Church Conference will be held 

Sunday, August 28 at 10:00 a.m.

 in the Sanctuary, to vote on the new name. A Church Conference is the �official� voting body. All are welcome to attend and speak freely. To be eligible to vote, one must be a member of the congregation.

Please plan on coming to the Church Conference on August 28th as we celebrate the call God has for this congregation moving forward.