2021 Vision & Growth Stewardship Drive

2020-2021 Vision & Growth Stewardship Campaign | Lean in, Move forward, God is calling
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2020 has been an exceptional year in the life of The Well UMC! Together, we have seen God’s hand at work as we have continued Sunday services, held funerals, conducted weddings and reached out to one another, despite the challenges presented. Much of this is due to the hard work of our entire Staff, our Operations and Servant Steering Teams, Pastor Sherry’s leadership, our Covid-19 task force, the Calling Team and many more. We have seen everyone lean in with extra effort to move our ministry forward, knowing God is calling each of us to “be the Church” to one another.

As we look toward 2021 and our annual Stewardship campaign, we want to provide an opportunity to participate in the life of our Church. We are doing so this year with a 2-part approach.

Part 1 is a traditional opportunity to indicate your financial commitment towards continuing and growing our ministry in 2021 as well as your apportionments to our Annual Conference. As a Christian, your commitment is an important part of your faith journey since “Christians have a need to give, to serve others and to experience God’s love and grace”. It is also critically important to the leadership of The Well as they plan for 2021 and envision growth. Your commitment will have a direct impact on the lives of others as we continue and grow God’s ministry.

Part 2 is an opportunity to help us Rebuild & Restore our Reserves. Throughout 2020, we have been able to respond to additional needs like upgrading technology, installing air conditioning & clean air in the education wing (GDK Preschool) and updating FLC lighting, largely due to the financial reserves we had on hand. At home, when we dip into our savings to pay for emergency needs, we want to quickly restore our savings; the same is true at Church.

As retired Pastor Norm Lidke mentioned in his recent video, we have a very “believable cause” as we look to add an Associate Pastor to our Staff. This needs to be supported through additional contributions in 2021, but doing so will have a huge impact on our ability to reach out to people in need such as the elderly, the shut-ins, those with health concerns or end-of-life needs, families in distress, etc… Another believable cause includes growing our Children, Youth & Families programs, knowing there are many in our local community that need to be invited in to a relationship with God and with each other. Our virtual Sunday services will continue to be important for months to come, particularly for our elderly, and some additional technology upgrades will enhance this experience further.

Each of the short videos being shared throughout this campaign reveal the impact we have when working together here at The Well. Sunday, October 25th is Commitment Sunday and we will come together, once again, to “be the Church” as we look toward 2021. If you are unable to attend that day, please return your card by November 1st.  If you have additional questions about the ministry of our Church or have questions about specific ways to donate or contribute, please contact the church office, and someone from the stewardship team or leadership teams will respond. Thank you, in advance, for your generous support as we lean in and grow together. God is calling. (Updated October 10, 2020)

View the videos – more being introduced each week leading up to October 18th. https://vimeopro.com/user2253207/visionandgrowth